Pokemon | 10.25.16

Super Premium Collection Mew & Mewtwo Box

The Super Premium Mew & Mewtwo box is loaded with goodies. We have been looking at these in stores for a while now and finally had to get one for ourselves. Let’s take a look inside and see what awesomeness is lurking.

Super Premium Collection Mew & Mewtwo Box



Sculpted Figure

Here is a closer look at the sculpted Mew & Mewtwo – This is a very detailed and delicate piece, it is actually quite impressive.

Mew & Mewtwo Sculpted Figure

Illustration Book

The book is actually pretty thick, I have not opened it yet but it looks like it is pretty nice.

Pokemon Illustration Book

Collector Boxes and Dividers

The 3 boxes are really nice and feature designs of Venasaur, Charizard and Blastoise. We can always use more card dividers so it was nice to get a pack of 12 in the box as well. As to be expected, they feature the 20th Anniversary logo design.

Premium Collection Boxes PokemonPokemon Card Dividers

Black Star Promo Cards

These 2 cards are straight fire – awesome Full Art designs.

Black Star Promo XY126 Mew EX Full Art Black Star Promo XY125 Mewtwo EX Full Art

Generations Booster Packs

You can also expect 10 Generations booster packs from this box. Our packs were off the hook!!

Pokemon Generations Booster Pack

Radiant Collection Holofoils

We grabbed 4 different Radiant Collection Holofoils including 2 awesome Sylveon EX.

Diancie Wally Radiant Collection

Sylveon EX Yveltal Radiant Collection

Non-Holo Rares

We pulled 6 nice Non-Holo Rares – 2 of which were Gyarados.

XY Generations Pinsir Parasect XY Generations Jynx Hitmonlee XY Generations Gyarados

Reverse Holofoils

Pretty sweet deal here. Out of our 10 packs we didn’t grab any duplicate Reverse Holofoils.

XY Generations Caterpie Hitmonchan Reverse Holofoil XY Generations Meowth Doduo Reverse Holofoil XY Generations Trainer Reverse Holofoil XY Generations Trainer Reverse Holofoil XY Generations Trainer Energy Reverse Holofoil

Full Art Holo

We pulled this sick Zapdos Full Art. This might be my favorite card I’ve seen in a while.

Zapdos Generations 29/83 Full Art

EX Cards

Here is where our packs got really hot. Out of 10 packs we pulled 2 more EX cards and 1 Mega EX – Enjoy the beauty that follows!

XY Generations Vaporeon EX 24/83XY Generations Charizard EX 11/83 XY Generations Mega Charizard EX 12/83

Final Thoughts

Yes, this box does cost $79.99 which is a steep price tag. However, as you can see there is a ton of quality items guaranteed in the box before you get to the 10 booster packs. I recommend buying this product, and especially if you find it on sale do not hesitate!