Pokemon | 10.25.16

Pikachu EX Red and Blue 20th Anniversary Box

Pikachu EX Red Blue Collection Box

The Red and Blue Collection boxes have been slowly releasing throughout the year. Pikachu was finally released towards the end of September. Let’s take a look inside and see what we get from the Pikachu EX Red and Blue Collection box.


Sculpted Figure

Here is a closer look at the sculpted Pikachu. I am usually not a huge fan of these, but this one is actually pretty cool.

Pikachu Sculpture

Black Star Promo

Check out this awesome Black Star Promo Pikachu EX Foil card.

Pikachu EX XY124 Black Star Promo Foil Card

Generations Booster Packs

This Red and Blue Collection box included the following 4 Generations Booster packs.

XY Generations Pokemon Booster Pack

Radiant Collection Holofoils

We grabbed 4 Radiant Collection Holofoils. Totally dig the Yveltal!

Radiant Collection Holofoils Pokemon

Non-Holo Rares

We pulled 2 nice Non-Holo Rares – Pinsir and Rapidash.

Generations Pinsir Rapidash

Reverse Holofoils

Out of our 4 Reverse Holofoils we got 2 Rare. Unfortunately they were the same, but at least they were Hitmonchan.

Generations Reverse Holofoil Pokemon

Rare Holofoils

We also pulled 1 nice Rare Holofoil, Machamp!

Pokemon Generations Machamp 42/83 Holofoil

Ultra Rare EX

Last but not least, we were super excited to pull another Ultra Rare EX from our 4 packs – VENUSAUR!

Venusaur EX Generations 1/83 Ultra Rare

There you have it, overall this was a really nice box for only $24.99. We did really well in the packs, and the guaranteed items are pretty nice. I recommend grabbing a box yourself if you have not already done so.