General | 11.01.16

October Local Card Show Hidden Gems

Four times a year we have a card show at our nearby mall, so obviously I had to go check it out. As usual, the show was a bit of a bust. It seems as though finding reasonable prices at card shows is becoming increasingly harder. Hobby boxes were crazy overpriced, jersey and autographed cards were outlandish and the 25 / 50 cent boxes were just full of beat up junk cards.

I am always determined to find something at card shows, so I continued to go through boxes at table after table. Finally, I ran into a $1 box that had a few cards in the front that were actually pretty nice 90’s inserts. So, I went through both monster boxes and was able to find 76 cards I was willing to pay $1 for. I grabbed some fantastic inserts that I am excited to show you guys.

The showcase of inserts below includes the eBay purchase cost for comparison, to see if I got a good deal or not. We will use the lowest available price on eBay, not including shipping as the purchase value. The dealer gave me a discount, so I only paid $61 for 76 cards. That works out to an average of $0.80 per card. So let’s see how we made out!

WARNING: This post is extremely photo-heavy, and may cause excessive drooling and possibly a broken scroll finger.

Basketball Cards

I am a big Penny Hardaway fan and this was a cool insert. The Ray Allen is a refractor coast to coast which fell 1:40 packs! eBay Cost: Left $4, Right $1.95


There were a few other Kobe inserts in the box but these 2 stuck out to me. Especially the Fast Track, I love the felt text. eBay Cost: Left $3, Right $3.75


SHAQ DADDY! I had to grab these because they are early 90’s inserts with Shaq in his Orlando uniform. eBay Cost: Left $1, Right $2.50


1994/95 Flair Inserts were simply awesome in their day, and I was stoked to snag 2 nice Rejectors. eBay Cost: Left $1, Right $2


This Nowitzki is a card I had never seen before. It’s a cool cloth design. Brian Grant Autographics – yes, please. eBay Cost: Left $8, Right $6


I am a Laker fan, so I had to grab this cool Russell rookie. eBay Cost: $10!!



This card is so cool I had to buy 2 apparently. So, I scanned the back for you to see as well – awesome! eBay Cost: $1.75 x 2.


I bought 2 of this card as well, but it was on purpose this time. I am a big Marvin Harrison fan and this is a sick Rookie card. eBay Cost: $4.39 x 2.


Shannon Sharpe Catching Fire is embossed – really cool. The Curtis is from 1996 Select, one of my favs. eBay Cost: Left $0.99, Right $1.25.


These two 1996 Select Certified cards are actually from the Premium Stock release, which made them both must haves. eBay Cost: Left $1.00, Right $1.75.


Of course, I had to grab a few Emmitt cards for the big PC. The Illusions insert is one I didn’t have, woohoo! eBay Cost: Left $2.99, Right $1.00.


This Jamal Lewis rookie is numbered to 2500 and the McNabb Finest rookie card is a must buy. eBay Cost: Left $0.99, Right $1.23.


I couldn’t pass up the shiny Dan Marino and awesome Tarkenton / Reggie Time warp 1072/2000! eBay Cost: Left $1.00, Right $2.39.


The “Thunder & Lightning” sold me with the name, and the Culpepper was numbered so I had to grab it. eBay Cost: Left $1.00, Right $3.60.


Both of these cards are beauties. The Jim Kelly is a fantastic die-cut acetate card numbered /2500. The Moss is way better looking in-person and numbered /1500. eBay Cost: Left $1.50, Right $1.25.


I did pick up some newer cards as well. Starting with 2 rookie jerseys – Ka’Deem Carey and Knile Davis. eBay Cost: Left $2.79, Right $1.99.


I was impressed with these two, a Hopkins serial-numbered rookie jersey and a Kyle Rudolph serial-numbered rookie jersey. eBay Cost: Left $5, Right $5.


A few nice short-print parallel rookie cards. eBay Cost: Left $2.14, Right $3.20.


I grabbed these two because they are short print, J.J. Watt and Tom Brady – you can’t pass those up. eBay Cost: Left $1.50, Right $2.00.


I grabbed a few older jersey cards as well. Leon is a nice SP /75 and I liked the color of the patch on the Brunell. eBay Cost: Left $1.85, Right $2.00.


I never pulled a 1st Down jersey from 02′ Playoff so I was excited to see one, plus it’s Jevon Kearse. The dual jersey is just a cool card. eBay Cost: Left $4.62, Right $8.40.


The jersey piece on this card is just awesome! They got the gradient color from the Pro Bowl jersey. eBay Cost: $6 (for a plain white jersey piece)


This is obviously an in-person or TTM auto, but I had to have it. First, the card is awesome and it’s JEFF BLAKE! eBay Cost: $0 (unavailable)


Back to some sweet 90’s inserts. These are mighty fine acetate cards, both serial-numbered – McNabb /1000 & Freeman /3000. eBay Cost: Left $1.00, Right $0.99.


Yowza, these two acetate cards are legit. You can’t see it well in the scan but the Marshall has cool holographic-like text throughout the card. eBay Cost: Left $2.00, Right $2.25.


Not sure how or why, but I have no recollection of these cards so I had to buy them. They are acetate as well; when you hold them up to the light the space design is really cool. eBay Cost: Left $1.75, Right $1.00.


A few sick die-cuts – the Marshall is felt, the Keyshawn is embossed and a blue parallel. eBay Cost: Left $3.20, Right $8.00.


This die-cut deserved a photo on its own. The surface truly is a piece of wood! eBay Cost: $6.00


I had to grab a few Barry Sanders cards. eBay Cost: Left $2.25, Right $5.00.


Ok, the Reflextions really isn’t a Barry Sanders but it’s still cool. Legendary Players is numbered 157/500. eBay Cost: Left $1.75, Right $1.75.


These two are fabulous looking inserts – can’t go wrong with BLITZKRIEG! eBay Cost: Left $1.60, Right $0.99.


Time for some Peyton Manning! At first, I wasn’t going to get the Edge 1st Place, but then remembered “Gold Ingot” is a parallel – Mine! eBay Cost: Left $1.90, Right $1.24.


I had to have the Pack Warriors insert from Triumph. I love that insert set. eBay Cost: Left $1.00, Right $1.13.


Also grabbed this sweet 1999 Crown Royale insert, pretty cool design. eBay Cost: $1.45


I found some sweet Brett Favre inserts as well, plus a base card from my favorite year of Crown Royale. Is the card on the right not the coolest checklist card you have ever seen? Ridiculous! eBay Cost: Left $2.50, Right $8.50.


I never pass up a serial-numbered Favre, and this Pacific’s Pride is off the hook. eBay Cost: Left $2.00, Right $2.25.


Inscriptions base cards are awesome. The Invincible is a BRONZE PARALLEL! If you collected in the 90’s you understand my excitement. eBay Cost: Left $1.00, Right $16.75.


I grabbed the following 5 cards because I remember them from when I was younger and it’s an awesome set. There’s only 9 cards in the set so it’s easy to complete, plus it fits in 1 page – 5 down, 4 to go. eBay Cost: 1 – $2.45, 2 – 3.00, 3 – $2.05, 4 – $3.00, 5 – $4.00.




Last, but definitely not least, are these 2 Peyton Manning cards. I had to do a double-take on both of them as they are both 1998 Crown Royale – ROOKIE CARDS! eBay Cost: Pillars of the Game – $4.99, Rookie Paydirt – $15.00



So there you have it. We spent $61 on 76 cards and our eBay purchase cost would have been $237.65, not including any shipping fees. In total, it’s a savings of $176.65, that’s huge! This is why I love going to card shows and digging into boxes.

It’s my recommendation that you head to your local card show and spend some time, don’t just glance through the boxes – dig in and find those hidden gems!