Retrospect | 09.27.16

Jammin Retrospect Episode 48

In this episode we enjoyed breaking some retro packs of 1999 Upper Deck SPx Football and 1999 Pacific Prism Football. The packs were chosen by PhelpsBoltUSA87. Thank you!


If you collected in the 90’s then you remember SPx. 1999 was actually my least favorite SPx product in the 90’s – I prefer ’96 and ’97 because of the great die-cut designs. However, it is always a pleasure to open a pack of SPx football.

1999 Pacific Prism FOOTBALL

This was one of my favorite products in 1999. Prism has a beautiful card design which I truly believe could be released as a brand new product. These cards have a fantastic design and the inserts are really nice. This pack got me pretty excited.