Retrospect | 09.23.16

Jammin Retrospect Episode 47

In this episode we enjoyed breaking some retro packs of 1995 Fleer Metal Football and 1999 Skybox Molten Metal Football (YYYEEESSS). The packs were chosen by Leon @fifaiosbetss. Thank you Leon!

1995 Fleer Metal FOOTBALL

We all remember Fleer Metal, this was one of the hottest sets of the 90’s. I love the inserts; Silver Flashers, Gold Flashers and Platinum Portraits. The odds for each insert are pretty good. The hardest to pull is the Platinum Portraits at 1:9 packs. So you had a really good chance of pulling an insert in every other pack.

1999 Skybox Molten Metal FOOTBALL

Molten Metal has a fantastic looking base set. There is an opportunity for autograph and patch cards, but the odds are pretty low. I personally never had the pleasure of opening a pack myself, so this was quite exciting! There are not many football packs from the 90’s that escaped my attention.