General | 10.18.16

Introducing Jammin 2.0!

Hello and welcome to the new website, blog and storefront – Jammin 2.0! You will notice the design has been completely revamped – we’ve added some flash, brightened it up and made it much more user-friendly. We have also added a true storefront, which features $3 flat-rate shipping (shop your heart out!).


New Shop Categories

You will also notice “J Collection” in the navigation – this will be an awesome image gallery of my personal collection. That’s soon to come.

We know it seems as though we have been slightly absent on social media and the blog, but it was simply because we have been working hard to get this new website complete. Now that we’ve finally launched Jammin 2.0, we’re ready to get back into action. So take a look around and familiarize yourself with the new shop and blog. Trust me, you don’t want to miss what’s coming next…