General | 01.15.15

Collectors Tip – Saving Thick Card Corners

One of the most frequent things we see in the hobby is dinged corners on thick cards. While many thicker stock products arrive with slightly dinged corners out of the box, many are damaged even further during the process of sleeving them. Check out this tip to keep your cards in NM-MT condition.

(One more quick note – this process also works well for those extreme die-cut cards with multiple corners to keep them fresh and clean.)


Picture 54

Here we have one nice 2013 Roddy White Inception base card which as most of you know has a really nice thick card stock. It’s impossible to fit this card into a standard sleeve without damaging the card. Sadly, I have seen many of these cards crammed into standard sleeves and thus completely ruined.

Picture 56

The next logical step is to simply place the card into a thicker sleeve. While the card does fit into this sleeve nicely, the corner of the card will still catch on the sleeve, possibly fraying the corner slightly.

Picture 55

It’s tough to see in this photo, but the bottom left corner now has a blemish from the sleeve. This card is now in a lesser condition than it was before…. But I was trying to protect the card…???

Picture 57

Here is the simple, easy trick to save those corners. Simply take your scissors and clip the top left corner of the thicker card sleeve.

Picture 58

Now the corner of the card does not catch as you are sleeving it.

Picture 59

And lastly, grab a 138 pt toploader from BCW Supplies, take a photo of the card and show it off to your friends. That includes us on Twitter.