Product Reviews | 09.04.16

BCCG Rookie Graded Football Repack Box

This box caught my eye while walking through the Target card aisle. I normally skip by these types of boxes because they are generally a rip-off. The graded cards really have no value and the inserted hits are usually no-name jersey cards.

However, the small statement in the upper left hand corner caught my eye: “Includes: 2 Hobby Packs.” What could these packs be? My brain was telling me “they are plain-old Topps and Score,” but I just had to find out for sure. So let’s take a look and see if there are any hidden gems.

Box Breakdown

Box Contents


The graded card is a basic rookie card that sells for around 75 cents. Graded in BCCG, you could make the argument that it’s worth $3. That leaves $17 left that the packs need to make up for and they don’t come anywhere near that. I would value this box at around $11-$13.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy this box. It definitely has some entertainment value, and with the hobby packs included, some hit potential as well. Personally I wouldn’t buy another one, but I am glad I got to bust a box open to satisfy my curiosity.