Product Reviews | 09.10.16

2016 Unparalleled Football Box Breakdown and Review

Unparalleled is a new product for the 2016 year. When Panini released the quality control image gallery, most of the collectors from the 90’s were very excited. Initial thoughts were that the base cards looked a lot like 1999 Hologrfx which was, and still is, a very liked set. We were excited to bust open a box and see these cards shine.

The set includes a nice variety of colored parallels – 9 to be exact. There is also a great variety of inserts, even triple player cards called, “Pivotal Drive.” The entire set comes in an autographed form, including the Hall of Fame players. So there are some great hits to be found. Let’s dive in and take a look at the value we can expect to get.





Absolutely, YES! This product is off the hook in entertainment value. There are better buys for plain monetary value, but so far nothing beats the excitement of opening a box of Unparalleled. These cards are full of different colors, designs and the printing technique is amazing.

As a set collector this is a must for your portfolio. Even the 2 parallel sets that are not numbered, teal and purple, are worth going for in filling out a full set. In a single box we pulled 24 cards toward the parallel sets. That is amazing and makes it very possible to complete. If you have not tried a box of 2016 Unparalleled… make sure the next time you order online or hit up the hobby shop – Unparalleled is on your list!


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* Estimated Resale Value is based on a set value for each type of card and can vary greatly between boxes based on the players and variations acquired. The value is determined based on an average box.

** Trade Value is based on the amount of possible desired cards within the box. The more cards that can be used as trade bait with other collectors increases the trade grade.

*** Set Collector Grade is based on the desirability of base cards, inserts and parallel cards.