Product Reviews | 11.12.16

2016 Panini Phoenix Football Breakdown and Review

Panini Phoenix has finally arrived. Each year I look forward to seeing what new sets are going to be released and when I saw the name Phoenix on the list in July – I was immediately intrigued.

Panini released a teaser gallery that included some really nice looking base and insert cards, as well as some great looking unique patch autos. While looking over the checklist the Retired Signatures Set caught my eye as there were some great Hall of Fame names – this product has me excited.

We busted open two boxes to see if we like it, let’s take a look.

2016 Panini Pheonix football Hobby Box




This set has an awesome looking base set – as always we love the shine but there’s also a lot of detail in the design, which I personally love. There’s also a great variety of inserts that are really nice and well-designed.

I love the fact that 2 hits are autographed with a jersey piece or ball – this really adds to the value of the box. I would love to collect the entire base set, it would make for a really cool collection. Unfortunately, you really don’t get many base cards per box – we averaged only 16 in each box. So, for anyone looking to complete the set it’s going to take some work, but I think it would be well worth it.

My recommendation is to definitely buy a box and try it out – this is a great product.

Watch the video below or check out the photos below that, to see how we did in our first box.

Base Cards

2016 Panini Phoenix Base CArds


2016 Panini Phoenix Insert Cards 2016 Panini Phoenix Insert Cards 2

2016 Panini Phoenix Insert Streaking Success

Insert Parallel Cards

2016 Panini Phoenix Rookie Insert 2016 Panini Phoenix Insert Streaking Success Gold

Parallel Cards

2016 Panini Phoenix Parallel Cards 2016 Panini Phoenix Parallel Cards


2016 Panini Phoenix Jersey Cards

2016 Panini Phoenix Jersey Autograph2016 Panini Phoenix Laquan Treadwell Rookie Patch Auto

2016 Panini Phoenix Devontae Booker Ball Autograph

* Estimated Resale Value is based on a set value for each type of card and can vary greatly between boxes based on the players and variations acquired. The value is determined based on an average box.

** Trade Value is based on the amount of possible desired cards within the box. The more cards that can be used as trade bait with other collectors increases the trade grade.

*** Set Collector Grade is based on the desirability of base cards, inserts and parallel cards.