Product Reviews | 05.27.16

2016 Panini Classics Football Breakdown and Video Break

2016 Panini Classics Football is back! Most of us remember Donruss Classics from the 2000’s all the way to 2009, and then Panini took over and made Classics in 2010. However, we haven’t had a Classics release since then. One of the things I remember most from Classics is the Timeless Tributes Inserts. This release does include Timeless Tributes but it’s only a parallel, not an insert.

2016 Panini Classic Football Hobby Box

One intriguing aspect to this years release is the different SP variation cards such as; red backs, blank backs, no names and glossy parallels. The main selling point is the Veteran and Legend autograph cards. These boxes have huge potential with the autograph checklist but you only get 1 auto per box. The odds aren’t exactly in your favor, so is it worth the risk? Let’s take a look at the box breakdown.



Average cost per box at the time of writing: $67.30

* Estimated Resale Value is based on a set value for each type of card and can vary greatly between boxes based on the players and variations acquired. The value is determined based on an average box.

** Trade Value is based on the amount of possible desired cards within the box. The more cards that can be used as trade bait with other collectors increases the trade grade.

*** Set Collector Grade is based on the desirability of base cards, inserts and parallel cards.