Product Reviews | 08.31.16

2016 Donruss Football Retail Review and Video Break

2016 Donruss Football is a great throwback product that is normally filled with plenty of inserts. This is definitely one of those set collector products with a low number of hits and a lot of base cards. I personally enjoy the retro design and feel of this product.

Blister Box



The big question for retail products is always “should I buy it or just save my money and grab a hobby box?” The retail of this product is quite lackluster this year. While breaking the blaster box I actually found myself slightly bored, there are not many inserts and a few of the inserts are quite plain.

Donruss hobby boxes will cost you around $60 and yield almost 3 times as many cards and 3 insert cards per pack! The big selling point for me is the 3 inserts per pack in hobby boxes. So, my recommendation is to skip the retail options and save up for a hobby box. The cost per card is too high in retail for such a plain product.