Product Reviews | 08.09.16

2016 Donruss Elite Retail Hanger Box

This is an interesting find from Wal-Mart – usually exclusive to hobby boxes, Donruss Elite has now been released in retail form. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what Panini did for the retail option. The price is a little steep at $29.99 for retail, but let’s see if we get enough value to make it worth our while.

Hanger Box


My initial reaction is absolutely not. At $1.50 per card I need to see some better inserts and at least 1 serial-numbered card. However, Elite is very over priced this year in hobby form as well. Sitting at $110 a box with 3 hits and 100 cards, you are still paying over $1.00 per card.

My honest opinion is to avoid Elite altogether and just buy singles. If you really do want to bust Elite, the retail is actually a pretty good option when comparing it to the hobby boxes – 3 hits at $110 is $36.66 per hit, while retail is only $30 per hit.


Base Card

Rookie Card

Parallel Card


Jersey Card