Product Reviews | 09.06.15

2015 Rookies & Stars Football Target Exclusive Box Comparison

2015 Rookies and Stars Football has been released and most of us have not heard about it. Why? Because it’s a Target Exclusive product this year, yep NO hobby boxes. If you are like me, when you saw it at Target, you simply shook your head and looked it up on your phone to see what you get from each box type. While searching I found nothing, so here we are – time to compare the 2 different boxes.

2015 Rookies & Stars Football Box

You can find two box types this year – Blaster Boxes and large “Hobbyish” Boxes. One other thing to note before we get to the breakdown: Don’t expect to see Longevity like we are used to seeing it at $49.99 a box. The large box looks to be replacing Longevity.


Base Cards

Rookie Cards




Total Cards + Cost per Card

Now that we have all the info, lets take a look at the difference in card design between the two boxes. The card on the left is from the Blaster Box and the card on the right is from the Large Box.


2015 Rookie & Stars Football

Base Cards

The base card design is nice, it is completely redone and fresh. As you can see the card from the Large Box is much nicer, it has that great rainbow shine and the Longevity text in the background.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football

Rookie Cards

The design of the rookie cards is quite a bit different than that of the base cards. Many products in the mid range cost don’t change the design at all, I personally appreciate the change in design. Again the Large Box gives you a better looking card overall, but both are nice.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football Parallel

Parallel Cards and SP’s

Here we see a huge difference in the look of the card between the two boxes. The Ruby Longevity does not scan very well (right photo), but they are actually quite nice. The Ruby in the Blaster Box is nice as well (left photo), but not even close to the Large Box version.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football crusades


These are back and we feel the same as we always do – GREAT! You can find a bunch of different color variations as well, sadly we did not find any – however, the dual player crusades are nice.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football Insert


I really dig the inserts this year, there is a nice wide variety with die-cuts, crusades and progressions. This is really where the Large Box design begins to look way better than the Blaster Box. The rainbow effect and Longevity text in the background really give the insert cards an extra pop. Same goes for the die-cuts as we will see next.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football Insert

Veteran Die-Cuts

AWESOME!! These are fantastic die-cuts and the colored parallels look great. We will have a photo of one at the end. This would make a great looking set due to the die-cut making a full star when the cards are placed next to each other – very cool.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football Insert

Rookie Die-Cuts

These are intricate cards, I can see a lot of corners being damaged with so many corners and edges. Awesome looking card though and again the Large Box version looks way better.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football

Manufactured Patch

I don’t know, they really just don’t do anything for me. Sadly this is the hit you get in a Blaster Box – not very exciting. You get one in the Large Box as well and it looks a little better but the patch is crooked…

2015 Rookie & Stars Football Jersey 2015 Rookie & Stars Football Tyler Lockett


These are all from the Large Box and they are pretty nice. We pulled two short print jersey cards that look as though they could have been nice patches. The Tyler Lockett jersey auto is very nice. Sadly, both autographed cards are stickers.

Before we give you our final thoughts here is a quick gallery of some other nice cards from Rookies and Stars.

2015 Rookie & Stars Football Sammie Coates2015 Rookie & Stars Football Mariota Abdullah 2015 Rookie & Stars Football Cooper Williams2015 Rookie & Stars Football Jameis Winston Jersey

Final Thoughts

Both versions of the set are nice. However, I disagree with the concept of Target Exclusive and I definitely disagree with the price points. The Blaster Box has no reason to be $2 more than all the other blaster boxes. The Large Box should be more in the $80-$100 range, just like Rookies and Stars hobby boxes always release at. This is especially necessary since the prices do not slowly decline at Target like they do at hobby shops and online. In 6 months this box will still be $120 while all the other Hobby Boxes will have dropped in price considerably.

I hope Panini stops the Target Exclusive mumbo jumbo – it leads to overpricing, theft and disappointment. This set released in Hobby Boxes at the normal price would have been fantastic – the design is great, the inserts are great and the hits aren’t too bad either. If you want to see all the cards pulled from both boxes you can view the videos below.