Product Reviews | 08.12.15

2015 Clear Vision Football Hobby Box Break

2015 Clear Vision Football is one of the products we are really excited about this year. We love the idea of the entire set being acetate and all the hits being short printed. Let’s see if this product lived up to our hype.




Base Cards

The design on the base cards are nicely done. The players really pop off the card and the logo in the upper left hand corner is a nice touch. These cards are very thin but that was to be expected with an all-acetate product.

Todd Gurley Clear Vision Rookie Card

Rookie Cards

The rookie cards are the same as the base cards with the addition of the RC symbol of course. It would have been nice if the rookie cards were numbered to /999 or /1499 since you only get 1 or 2 per box.


Insert Cards

Each box will yield you 1 insert cards and these are beauties. There are a bunch of different insert sets you can pull, all of which look great. The Andrew Luck from this box is a really nice design – sweet card!


Parallel Cards

Quite a few color variations in this set – Blue, Red, Gold, Green and Purple. This was the only aspect I found disappointing in this product. I was hoping that the color variations would have a little more excitement in the design. As you can see in the green Justin Forsett, it is quite dull.

Tre Mason Clear Vision Dual Jersey

Carson Palmer Clear Vision Dual Jersey

Jersey Cards

Each box has 1 hit but sometimes you pull 2 like we did in this box. Both hits are the dual Clear History jersey card. These cards are really nice; we like the addition of the acetate around the player photos. All hits in this product are numbered to /99 or less which is a great step in the right direction. I think everyone is tired of jersey cards numbered to /1499.

Final Thoughts

The year is young for the Football season but I think Clear Vision will be a tough one to beat in the $50-$70 price range. If you are a set collector or a collector from the 90’s then you will love this product. If you are a hit collector or a box breaker then this product probably isn’t for you. The checklist for the hits is great and there are some huge possibilities but with only 1 hit per box many collectors will shy away.