Product Reviews | 07.28.14

2014 Prestige Football Retail Review

One of the questions we receive quite often is whether or not a specific retail product is worth buying. The answer is almost always 1 of 2 responses – “it’s ok” or “no”. Only a handful of times each year do we actually say, “Yes, buy that retail product, it’s great!” So how do we respond to the question for 2014 Prestige Football? Let’s take a look at the product.


Rookie Cards

These are decent looking cards and we definitely enjoy the new fresh design. Easy to pull a handful of the top rookies – but not overly abundant like Score.


Draft Picks Box Toppers

We love them – sweet design, unique card and just a cool bonus.


Insert Cards

Wow! There is a great variety of nice inserts in this set to be found in retail. Again they are quite easy to pull, but not too easy.


Acetate Inserts

These are awesome. Once again a nice variety of different die-cuts and designs.


Parallel Cards

Just in the retail we busted open we found Purple, Blue and Red Extra Point parallels. We aren’t a huge fan of parallel cards so these fall in the same category as all the others…..Meh.


Numbered Cards

It was quite shocking to find an E.J. Manuel Serial numbered to /25 and then a nice Roddy White to /100. Very nice for a retail product.


Jersey Cards

The variety of jersey cards in this product’s retail version is fantastic. Not only is there a great variety, but all were serial numbered and 5 out of 8 were serial numbered to 99 or less. To top them all off we pulled another E.J. Manuel serial numbered to 25. For a retail product this is unheard of and really got us excited.J240-561x440


Final Thoughts

Yes, buy 2014 Prestige Football retail – it’s great! With a good quantity of rookies and the great variety of hits and inserts – 2014 Prestige Football is one of the best retail products we have busted this year. The product is a lot of fun to open, which is the most important aspect of breaking retail. As a bonus there is decent value in the product as well.

We hope we’ve moved you to give this retail version a try – grab a box and share your hits with us in the comments below or send us a message on social media! We always love to see what you pull.