Product Reviews | 03.03.14

2013/14 Gold Standard Basketball Review

This is one of those products that we all look forward to as each new season rolls through. Gold Standard has continued to impress each year with shiny base cards, sick patches and the opportunity of pulling real GOLD! So, how did it stack up this year? Let’s take a look.


Product Breakdown




Base Card

As always the base card has a nice upscale design. Implementing the really cool GS logo into the upper left hand corner like a medallion truly gives the cards a high quality look. The cards are a little thicker than a normal base card which always increases the quality. Base cards are serial numbered to /199.



There are 2 parallels in this year of Gold Standard – Platinum #/10 and Black #/1. The visual difference is very noticeable which is nice.


Insert Cards

Surprisingly there are a good amount of inserts to be found in Gold Standard – Claim to Fame, Finals MVP, Gold Prospects and Gold Records. Each insert has a very unique and different look which we appreciate. Since you only find 10 cards in the box and half of the cards are hits, acquiring full insert sets should be done by purchasing through eBay, Collector Rev, Beckett, etc.


Metal Cards

These are becoming more common in our hobby now. Panini introduced us to the Black version this year in Panini Black Football. These are cool – I appreciate the uniqueness in placing a metal card into the product. However, you pull one in every box, sometimes 2. I would like to see these as more of a chase card, falling somewhere around 1 in 3 boxes or so.



The Rookie Patch Signature cards were sadly disappointing. They are nice looking cards, but can we please serial number these? Out of 4 boxes only 1 RPS card has shown multiple colors. Instead of RPS we should just call them RJS (Rookie Jersey Signature).


White Gold Jersey

This is the basic 1 memorabilia card you get in each box. Sometimes this is replaced with a much better patch card, but normally you just find this. Very nice overall design – clean, shiny, aesthetically pleasing.


Autograph Cards

There are a ton of different autograph cards you can find in this product. I personally love it – Superscribe, Ring Bearers, Mother Lode, Marks of Gold, Gold Strike, Gold Season, Gold Scripts. That is a huge list of different autograph looks and each one has a decent size checklist. I believe this adds to the fun of Gold Standard – never a dull moment caused by redundancy.


Bullion Brand

WOW! Amazing patches, serial numbered /2, 100 card checklist – Panini Struck Gold! This is the type of patch everyone wants to pull.

Final Remarks

Overall I enjoy breaking open Gold Standard. The base cards are beautiful, the potential hits are huge and the wide range of inserts/autos/patches adds a ton of fun. It is unfortunate that the boxes are so pricey at $180. At that price, I think serial numbered RPS cards is a no-brainer. Without serial numbered RPS’, I feel like the boxes should range more in the $150 range.

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