Product Reviews | 11.12.13

2013 Topps Platinum Football Review

This is a product that I personally look forward to each year. Platinum always has a nice fresh design and great chrome refractor rookies. This year did not disappoint in the design aspect and there are some great cards to be found. Here is a breakdown and review of the product.


Product Breakdown




Base Card

This has a nice fresh design. The front has the usual Rainbow foil which gives the product a high end look. The base veteran set is 100 cards and you get 3 base cards per pack. With 60 base cards in the box and a few doubles it will take 2-3 hobby boxes to acquire a full veteran base set.


Rookie Card

These are the usual chrome refractor look that you see in Platinum each year. They are a nice quality card. The base rookie set has 50 cards and you get 1 per pack. This will take 3-4 Hobby boxes to complete the rookie base set as doubles show up quite often.


Parallel Cards

There are many different parallels within this set. The Veteran Blue Sapphire falls 1 per pack and is a 100 card set. There is also the Black Rookie Refractor set that falls 1 per hobby box. In retail rack packs you can find the Orange Rookie Refractor, they come 3 per rack pack. You can also find Xfractors of the Rookie cards. All the parallels are nice and it would be a nice looking rainbow if you were able to complete one.


Insert Cards

There is only one insert set which is a little disappointing. They are a die-cut ribbon card. For some odd reason they place a rookie symbol on each card, even the veteran cards have them.


Rookie Autographs

These are all on-card autographs which is always a plus. The checklist includes quite a few unknown rookies at this point. I would not expect to snag big names consistently. These come in a large amount of different parallels and serial numbers – 10 to be exact. We did pull a Gold version which was cool numbered to 15.


Rookie Refractor Patch Autographs

These are very nice cards. We have seen a ton of great multi colored patches. One of the cool aspects of this is that the base version is numbered to 1000 and a lot of the nice patches have been numbered to 1000 cards. So you have the chance to get a nice patch even if it is not a short print. Unfortunately, we got a plain old white jersey but still a nice card.

Final Remarks

Overall we enjoyed breaking this product. The base cards are nice to look at, you get plenty of rookies and the 3 hits are nice. These will run you anywhere from $85-$100 a box. If you are buying in hopes to make some money of the product I would advise against it. There is not a ton of value in each box unless you pull some of the big name rookies. Unfortunately, that is not a common occurrence due to all the unknown names in the rookie autograph checklist. Below are just a few more nice cards we have available from this product.