Product Reviews | 11.27.13

2013 Panini Prizm Baseball Review

Prizm came in with a splash last year; it seems like this is Panini’s version of Topps Chrome. It was very nice and colorful last year, hopefully this year brings the same excitement.







Base Cards are simple and clean looking. A shiny card is almost always an enjoyable card. Card stock is a little thicker than a normal base card to give it a higher quality feel. The cards are very well centered and great for grading as the durability of the corners are good too. We like the design overall but would like to see a little extra flare thrown in there somewhere… maybe next year.



Rookie Cards are the same design as the Base Card. They are not serial numbered and fall slightly over 2 per pack on average.



There is a tremendous amount of parallel cards in this product. Many of them are found in retail only and differ from Wal-Mart and Target. There are 11 different Prizm parallels that I am aware of. Only 4 of which are found in the Hobby product: Base Prizms, Orange Die-Cut #/60, Gold #/10 and Finite #/1. The remaining 7 parallels are found within Target and Wal-Mart Rak Packs, Base Packs and Blaster Boxes. We really enjoyed the Orange Die-Cut card, it has a great cut and of course the color is awesome.


Insert Cards

We noticed 5 insert sets within our box; Band of Brothers, Top Prospects, Rookie Challengers, USA Baseball and Fearless. Each insert has a nice design but 1 stood out to us – Fearless. The Fearless insert has a fantastic design and would look great as a full set.



Unfortunately the autographs are sticker and not on-card. We were able to pull one Prizm insert autograph which is numbered 1/25. Not much to review on this as they are nothing real special.


Overall this product has quite a bit of value. With a large amount of rookies and good looking inserts you don’t have to rely too heavily on the hits in the product. There are also the Prizms/Refractors that also add a little bonus value to each pack. We enjoyed breaking this box open and would recommend to anyone buying at least one box of Prizm Baseball for themselves. Below are a few more nice cards pulled from this box.