Product Reviews | 11.21.13

2013 Panini Limited Football Review

Every year I am on the fence about Limited Football. Some of the past year’s product has brought little value compared to the price of a box. Will this year be the same? Let’s see…


Product Breakdown




Base Cards

Base design is an improvement from last year. All base cards are serial numbered which is always a plus. I can’t really decide if I am a fan of the copper color. It gives the cards a classy look yet it is slightly dull. With this design these cards would look cool displayed as a full set.


Rookie Cards

The Rookie cards look the same as the base card with the added word ‘Phenoms’ on the right side. All rookie cards are also serial numbered; the base variation being numbered to /299. You can find lower numbered variations as well.


Parallel Cards

Shockingly there are only 3 parallel versions in this set – Silver #/49, Gold #/25 and Black #/1. They are nice variations and give the product extra pop and entertainment. I always enjoy a product that does not have an overwhelming amount of parallels.


Insert Cards

One of the main inserts in this set is Field Visions. They place a piece of plastic where the player would have a visor. This is a really cool concept by Panini, I enjoy these cards.


Limited Threads

The basic veteran jersey card in the product is called Limited Threads. The one we pulled is numbered to /99. The design is nice and the patch is just white. I would not expect anything more from a basic jersey card.



These are great. I have seen a few with basic patches but for the most part I have only seen fantastic patches in these. We pulled a Spotlight /49 in this box and the patch is very cool. The autos are sticker which is unfortunate as we all prefer on card autos. Still a very nice card.



There is a tremendous amount of other hits in this product with great variation. There are some beautiful patches in this product. I also enjoy the aspect of retired player cards and multi-player cards.

Final Remarks

Overall this product has been greatly improved from last year. Limited is now a great product, one that I already have and will continue to buy multiple boxes of and join Breaks for. They have improved the card design as well as implemented better patches in the cards. Below are some other nice cards we have hit from this product.