Product Reviews | 11.21.13

2013 Panini Intrigue Basketball Review

When I saw this box I was quite intrigued, no pun intended. The packaging just screams out at you from the shelf “Buy Me”. So I did, and here are my thoughts.


Product Breakdown




Base Card

Nice upscale card design with a unique type treatment. Card stock is a little thicker than normal which is always nice.


Rookie Cards

Rookie Cards are the same as the Base Veteran Cards. These are not serial numbered either which is quite disappointing due to the cost of the box.

Parallel Cards

We did pull 1 parallel card but it was part of the Intriguing Players set. We will show that later in the review. There are Gold and Platinum parallels of the set that are numbered to /10 and /1.


Jersey Cards

The basic Top Flight jersey cards are very simple. They have a interesting card design, but the patches are nothing out of the ordinary. Nice cards though.



There is a very wide variety of autographs you can get from this product. The full checklist of possibilities has its positives and negatives. On the positive side it includes some of the all-time greats as well as the current greats. On the negative you are going to run into a lot of names that really don’t mean much to you and will be difficult to sell. All autos that we saw are on card autos which is awesome – this is nice because you know the player touched the card and signed it.

Rookie Autograph Memorabilia

Unfortunately, our box did not include one of these cards. However, we have seen a few pulled and they are nice cards. They have a very cool design with Prime and Laundry Tag Variations. All cards are numbered /199 or less.



Love it! These cards reminded us of Fleer Metal, one of our favorite 90’s products. This was a great pack of cards. The set includes only 20 players but 10 different cards of each player. They have a great design with the silver background and the player pops out at you in color. This would be an awesome set to complete and display.


Intriguing Players Parallel

These cards also come in Gold #/10 and Platinum #/1 parallels. We were fortunate enough to pull a SWEET Kobe Bryant gold numbered 05/10.
The gold background makes the player pop off the card even more than the silver –
simply beautiful.

Final Remarks

Well, unfortunately this product did not live up to its packaging. Take away the Gold Kobe which is part of the bonus pack and the rest of the product was lackluster. The Intriguing Players set is very nice but does not make up for the actual product. Below are the other autographed cards from this box.